Monday, 6 January 2014

"Stupid Run" Contest Winner

The winner is....Samantha Nelmes!

Sam is training for a half-marathon this spring in very chilly Calgary weather, and this story happened as part of the training.

Notable mentions - one very funny anonymous story (which will hopefully be posted later, with permission from the submitter).

It was the last long run before my first half marathon and I woke up to nothing short but a blizzard. Armed with fall running gear I go to meet my friend at the Glenmore Reservoir. What is usually a beautiful run was covered in snow. I put on my fall jacket (since I forgot a running jacket) shoved socks onto my hands as mitts and headed out. 

Being our longest run to date and my first time running in snow the first couple kilometres were surprisingly okay besides the snow in my eyes. By the 8th km my shoes were soaked and my feet freezing but with two more kilometres to the turn around we kept at it. 

The wind blowing off the Reservoir we finally get to turn around. I pulled out frozen GU chews and chipped my front tooth on the first one. Bummer. We get to the washrooms around 13km that are to be open during the weekend hours in winter and someone did not come in that morning to unlock them. We both hoped for extra water as I was only carrying 14oz and was running on empty. So that means we had to rely on eating snow. 

Being -16 with the wind chill and the snow not stopping was chipping away at my sanity and my friend and I stopped talking as all of our effort went into finishing this run and not slipping and hurting ourselves. It is the little things that keep you sane though like the bike that passed us and left a trail so I could stare at it and not keep looking at the blank white path ahead. 

We reached our cars and promptly got in them (after wiping off all the snow). This was my hardest run mentally and physically to date. It was insane, stupid and crazy of me to attempt this run seeing how little I was prepared but when I look back at it I am glad that I did it because it shows that most things are possible and to quit complaining. 


  1. Awesome! I can't wait to collect more stories like this. I would love to hear the other story as well.

  2. Running through such unfavorable weather sure does test one's will and physical capabilities. Finishing that run proves that you can overcome difficulties, Alex. Make sure you have ample rest in between runs to let your body recuperate. How's that chipped tooth? It would be best to get experts to take a look at it. Take care!

    Elliot Bagley