Monday, 25 November 2013

Sports Enhancement Workshop with Shannon Thompson (All I want for Christmas is to run really fast)

What: A kick-ass sports psychology workshop to get you fast and happy!
When: Tuesday, December 10th, 7-9:30PM
Where: 560 Cardero Street (in a meeting room, not in our living room...unless that is a popular request)
Cost: $20 (includes booklet, handouts, and planning for your 2014 season.
Host: Shannon Thompson....athletic highlights include a 37min Sun Run, a 1:22 half marathon...and putting up with me for 6 days in the Colorado Rockies.

Note: for those who want to discuss the concepts covered in Shannon's workshop further after the session is done, there is the option to come to our apartment and help drink the beers that have been in the fridge since Donovan's stag, and will likely be there for the next 8 months.

Here's the full deal on the night:

This presentation will discuss methods which have been proven to promote positive thinking, and lead to greater success and enjoyment in sports.

     Shannon Thompson has been an athlete in equestrian sport (eventing) at the international levels for 15 years and a coach for 10 years. She is also a competitive distance runner. She is working on a degree in psychology, with particular emphasis on positive psychology and its effectiveness in sport.
     The purpose of this workshop, is to help athletes identify their own optimal performance mindset, and create an individualized plan to attain that mindset consistently. The ability of an athlete to attain their optimal performance mindset consistently, in training and in competition , has been shown to have an incredible impact on the quality and consistency of performance. Such an ability can also dramatically increase an athlete’s enjoyment in sport.

The contents are as follows:

 Part 1: Goal setting:
  -   Athletes will identify outcome goals and create a step-by-step
plan to achieve these goals.
   - Training journals will be discussed, begun and encouraged.
   - The benefits of positive thinking and well-being in sport will be
introduced, as well as methods to improve positive thinking and
well-being in day to day training and competition.
  - The benefits of deep practice (pushing one's limits) and methods
to improve the quality of practice will be discussed.

Part 2: Optimal Performance Mindset
   - Athletes will do some exercises that will help them identify
their ideal performance mindset. Athletes will complete a
pre-competition and competition plan, as well as a refocusing plan for
when things go awry.
- Performance anxiety, nervousness, and motivation will be discussed.

Part 3: Struggle, Failure, Injuries and Setbacks
    - We will discuss the benefits of struggle and the reality of
injuries and setbacks, including ways to deal when one is struggling
or injured.


For more information please contact Shannon at

More info can also be found at

“Shannon, your Sport Psych presentation hit the mark perfectly with our young ski racers, as well as validated and reinforced the mental skills training that our older athletes have been developing over the years. Some great new tools and perspectives for our ski club athletes to refine and put to use in the many situations and environments encountered on a day to day basis!”
-Rob Boyd, Head`Coach Whistler Mountain Ski Club

“Shannon is excellent at adapting her talks to suit different age groups and maturity levels as well as adjusting to the specific needs and challenges of the group. She manages to convey tons of great information through an engaging mix of presentation techniques that promote inter-activeness, but also includes personal stories and analogies to keep everyone interested and focused. All of our athletes have come out of her sessions feeling motivated and confident that they can push forward to the next level. She is an amazing resource to have on your side.”
                                                                                                                -Jennifer Dober, Head Coach Delta Gymnastics 

“Shannon demonstrates to her audience how the power of positive thinking can be applied to many aspects of our lives.  Her warmth and enthusiasm is evident in her talk and helps us to consider the many ways in which we can improve and reach our own version of greatness.”
                                                                                                                  -Darren Mathison, McNeil Secondary Incentive Program

 "She got me much more hyped up on life and I feel much more positive now..."

-          Martan, 13 yr old cross country skier

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