Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Meet your Scotiabank 1:45 pace bunnies

I am very excited to be 1/2 of the pacing team for the 1:45 pace group for the Scotiabank 1/2 marathon (and its very bright and early 7:30am start).

How to spot us
I have very curly red hair. My pacing teammate, Donovan, has inappopriately short shorts and is very tall. We will also be carrying a big "1:45" pace sign. We will be in the RED starting area.

Our approach
We will be running the entire 21.1k distance (no walk breaks). We will be running at a consistent pace. The pace will be adjusted for both the downs and the ups, and will aim for consistent effort. We will be doing the thinking part of the run, so just follow us and you'll get 1:45 (or just under).

The route will be well-marked, and here it is below (just in case). We promise 100% no getting lost.

Pacer #1: me (Alex)
"Running" seek the peak

half-marathon cred: 1:24:16 PB, notable mention - a 1:25:28 with no Garmin when the damn thing died at 8k in.
half-marathon style: negative splits, focus on consistent effort, emptying it for the final push, and finding joy in the pain.
most recent pacer experience: miles 51 to 72 of the San Diego 100 mile endurance run (trail).
currently training for: Transrockies Run 6 (6 days, 200k, 20,000 ft elevation)
likes to talk about while running: cats, Ryan Gosling (or other topless males), times I have gotten lost or taken "detours" while trail running, relationships, Sandman vs. the Watchmen, Killian Jornet's white salomon spandex shorts in the 2011 Western States documentary "Unbreakable". I am open to all types of other topics that will inspire you!
favourite inspirational sayings: "What doesn't break you, makes you."
preferred recovery food: wine

Pacer #2: Donovan
all spandex, all the time

half-marathon cred: 1:17:30 PB, notable mention - 1:17:58 on pretty much zero speedwork.
half-marathon style: shorts that are actually underwear (oh wait, running style? go out aggressively, hang on, and a hard finish)
most recent pacer experience: 1:40 pace group at BMO 1/2 marathon (and has paced several other 1/2s - this guy is a PRO).
currently training for: Ironman Whistler
things to ask him about: how triathletes go to the bathroom during races, the ideal amount of spandex to own, his experience running the Grand Canyon Rim-to-Rim, Strava, buying things on e-Bay, how to rock a 70.3 (half-ironman) in 35C weather, anything about bikes, how he bonded with our robot vacuum cleaner.

FYI: Yes, I am engaged to my fellow pacer. No, I have zero say about his running wardrobe and it is often embarassing that a good deal of his running shorts are shorter than mine.

Any questions? I am so excited to help you guys rock a 1:45! If you have any questions before the race on anything please shoot me a twitter message or post here.

Also, be sure that you and your friends follow Scotiabank 1/2 on facebook so they can get updates as you run.


  1. Thank you for volunteering your time to make our PB's happen and when everyone "uses" you and then leaves you all but forgotten in the dust as they race toward the finish line.

  2. I am sad this post did not include a picture of Donovan's short shorts. How is anyone supposed to identify him now??

  3. I love this post!!! And I love knowing that I am leaving my friends in your capable hands on Sunday am. Thanks for being awesome, as per usual! Have a blast! So sad I won't even be able to cheer you guys in - I'll be thinking of you and mentally cheering, promise!