Friday, 31 May 2013

Two awesome 10k races (your chance to experience pain!)

I am not sure exactly who reads my blog regularly (besides Craig, who wants to make sure I haven't made any inappropriate tri-geek jokes about him where the internet can see). But for my three or so other regular readers, I am going to shamelessly promote two awesome races happening in July!

Summerfast 10k, Saturday July 20, 8:00am in Ceperly Park (across from 2nd beach pool).

Why do this race?
- flat, fast course with little chance of getting lost, as it is the seawall.
- Saturday morning race means you can still drink / go away for Saturday night (or, for those keeners, do a 4+hr trail run Sunday)
- Home baked goods! It is VFAC's mission to bake as much and as well as possible. There will be everything from gluten-free, healthy treats to brownies made with 2x the recommended amount of chocolate. All of this baking is presided over by stern yet fair Rebecca Reid, to prevent the male portion of VFAC from eating it ahead of time.

MEC Vancouver 5k/10k - Saturday, July 27th at 9am in Seymour Valley.
- easy non-technical trails (your legs will be happy, your ankles will not be rolled)
- $15 registration and free massages at the end! basically, a $15 massage with a warm-up.
- see above for the awesome benefits of Saturday races.

To get started, a quick Q&A:
Q: these races are happening approximately two months away. I don't even know what I am doing two hours from now...why are you so plan-y?
A: I am a redheaded virgo auditor - I can't help myself. Also, summer fills up quickly. It's helpful to have some goal races planned ahead of time to give an excuse to have weekends in town.

Q: I am a hardcore trail runner and do not believe in roads or any race where I am not risking imminent death or injury. How will this help me?
A: You might not believe in speedwork, but it believes in you! Fast, flat stuff where I want to die for a short period of time helps me to feel like I want to die less over longer distances. Plus, this is the only way I can beat any of my trail friends in any sort of run, ever. It feels amazing, and is payback for all the times they drop me when we go uphill.

Q: will there be enough baking / massages at the finish line for me?
A: Yes! They will be held especially for you!

Q: why should I support these races?
A: Both are community events that help support local clubs. The Summerfast 10k is also part of the timex running series - which means some fast runners (for those chasing PBs).

Please please sign up! Looking forwards to cheering everyone on out there!


  1. I always look forward to your next posting - always entertaining!

    Just wanted to mention, for working on your speed, there is another faster, shorter, just as cheap race on July 27th... our 11th annual Sea Cavalcade Mile in Gibsons - $100 up for grabs to the top male and female! No turns, nearly all flat or downhill.

    Teresa :)

  2. I read your blog! I found it some time ago, don't remember how, probably some random google search for vancouver runners or something. Anyway I like to read what you have to say, keep it up! :)

  3. Thanks so much Veronica!!