Sunday, 26 May 2013

Grand Canyon R2R2R

Sometimes, there are no words. We ran the Grand Canyon from the South Rim to the North Rim...and back. We used the Bright Angel trail going down from the South Rim, and climbing back up. It  was just over 79km, about 3000m elevaton gain/loss. It took us 14hrs and 23 minutes. We started at 4:20am, in the dark, with headlamps. We saw the first faint light on the horizon, and saw sunrise over the canyon walls. We finished just before 7pm, as the light faded at sunset.

Thank you so much everyone!

first view of the Colorado River, about 1.5hrs in.

Allison, first break.

early light on the Colorado river

group picture on the brdige

early light

water hole

climbing towards North Rim as the sun starts to hit

way up to North Rim

still climbing

Barry in shorts

North Kaibab trailhead, North Rim

OMG pepsi

newfie pride

"Grandpa Joe" was handing out cold drinks to all R2R-ers (and R2R2R-ers)

back down the North Rim

running along the canyon floor

Indian Gardens campsite

way back up to South Rim


comfy feet - thanks FITS!


Hoover Dam

Poolside in Vegas

the team

Barry, the only guy



  1. I had some pretty bad chafing to on our Zion Traverse. Lesson learned, just wear a also prevents burns (which I got to even though I wore sun screen). Apparently you need to re-apply :)

  2. I like "Barry in shorts"-does he not usually wear shorts? Looks like a pretty rad adventure! Wow! And lucky Barry with all those lady legs. Good on ya team. Huge accomplishment.