Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Free Garmin 110 (Live Dangerously)

Free to a good home:

A semi-reliable Garmin Forerunner 110 GPS watch. Comes with charger. There was a heart rate monitor - I used it once and then perma-loaned it to my triathlete friend. Purchased in 2009.

This watch is ideal for someone who likes to live on the edge and embrace the unpredictable nature of life, as it freezes up for no reason.

I have used this watch for months at a time - completely fine. Then, in a several day span, it will freeze up and be completely oblivious to the reset function. Then, just when you have lost all hope and patience - the familiar beep, the reset, and Garmin wants to tell you how far, how fast, and how high your last run was.

This watch has successfully made it through a 50mile race and a 50k training run like a trooper, beeping out split after split. This watch has also frozen up on two half-marathons, completely unable to reset. Going out for a run with this watch is like a box of chocolates - you never know what you're going to get!

Going out for a tempo and unsure whether to do it by your coach's pace or body feel? Let the watch decide for you!

Want to run longer than coach's set distance? This watch will die 30k into a long run, so you can do illicit bonus mileage!

Have a running "frenemy" whose next race you want to sabotage? This is the perfect gift! Like a running Trojan Horse.

I have had a great run with this watch - we have done many tempos, intervals, and even a marathon together. Now, it is time to part ways.

If you are in need of a watch that mostly doesn't fuck you over in a race, please leave a comment telling me why I should give YOU the watch. The watch goes to the best / most entertaining comment. If, by some miracle, there are more comments than just a joking one left by Barry Young, I can be convinced by wine / chocolate / food also.

As for me - my triathlon friend sold me one of his three garmin watches (I guess it's like pets or kids - you need more than one so they can play with each other?).  My races will be a little less exciting without the constant threat of my watch deciding that it doesn't really want to work, but it's a step that I'm ready to take.

correction #1: it is two garmin watches and two garmin bike computers - because that is so much better.

correction #2: my tri friend is willing to part with one of his HR monitors to use with this watch if there is a really good comment.


  1. I hope you're actually going to replace this with some other piece of technology and you're not going to run by "listening to your body". Because I don't think you'd like to hear what it's telling you.

  2. I have been running for about 2 years now. So far I attempted only 10Ks and Halfs. As you know, my trainings are solo and Mr. Google is my coach. I read many blogs like yours to learn about the running techniques and strategies. If I get it I should be able to better train and live a healthy life. Hopefully I will be the winner.

  3. I already have one of these watches, thanks. Mine has the additional advantage of operating via its "bezel touch". This functions consistently, except when it doesn't, whether it's raining or your fingers are simply a little sweaty.

  4. Why should you give ME the watch?
    Well, with apologies to Coleridge's "Rime of the Ancient Mariner":

    I am an ancient runner - well, "only" 56 -
    And I would be intrigued by your technology that sticks.
    I have run just one ultra, "Fat-Assed" on New Year's Day;
    It seems as if 2003 was half a life away.
    In contrast, though, my marathons now number 23,
    Though PRs are now long long past - in 1983.
    When I first started running, I used a simple watch
    And paper running logs, now old, with ink that sometimes blotched.
    I didn't use such things as Gu or Gels or Shots or stuff,
    And most times ran in cotton Ts - in those days we were tough.
    My post long run recov'ry drinks were Coke, or Milk - or both!
    When friends would have me dine with them, they just might swear an oath
    At seeing all the carbo fuels I might devour at once;
    But they were offering me a meal, and I was not a dunce!
    The marathon in '82 - Vancouver - was my first:
    No masses got a medal, and you had to pledge at worst
    That you could finish below 4 hours; today, I might just hope
    I could perhaps achieve that goal, if legs did not say "Nope!"
    Four Bostons done - some in such sun as fairly scorched my feet.
    I'll likely never jaunt again, down crowds on Boylston Street.
    These days I run mostly for fun, and coach a bit as well,
    And if I finish in a race, I just think that is swell.
    No more depletion/carbo loads that near unhinged my brain,
    I get out on the roads and trails, but don't say that I "train."
    So if I had a watch as cranky as the one which you'll discard
    I guess I'd just go back in time, rememb'ring it was hard
    To calculate a pace, a time, an effort and the rest,
    But all that really mattered was oneself, the run, the test
    Of one's desire, one's inner fire, the need to get outside
    And take whatever gifts God gave and revel in the ride
    My feet could carry me upon - to take what it would give -
    And the joy in realizing that for us, to run's ... to live.

    In all seriousness, I have a Garmin 310 - a monstrous sucker - and an older dead 201, so I can be as much an OCD numbers geek as the next person, but I didn't NEED any of that when I was "at my best" thirty years ago. I more or less just ran as far, as fast, and as hard as I could, for as long as I could, as often as I could ... and loved it. Should I get your quixotic 110, I will put it to good use, and won't swear at it if it decides to quit - because if it got me out the door, that's all that matters :)

    1. oops - sorry, I have a big red n silver 305 (not 310). You see how much I care ... :)

  5. I am in search of a companion. One that has it's quirky charm and is kind of dysfunctional but you have been through some tough times and still love it.

    I was told you also love a good wine. So I am willing to offer you the finest cardboardaux.

  6. The winner is....Chaminda!!! I am just waiting for one last part of newgarmin, and then oldgarmin is yours! Can you send me your email or # and let's get it happening :)

    1. Here is my e-mail: E-mail me I will share the phone #

      Thanks again.

  7. wow I cant even believe this. Thank you. I thought you can pickup my e-mail from my earlier entry. Here is my e-mail E-mail me I will send my phone #. As you know, I live in Surrey and I am quite happy come down to Vancouver.

  8. CONGRATULATIONS CHAMINDA!!! I hope you and temperamental but somehow charming oldgarmin have a mutually beneficial running relationship!
    ... though I'm sure oldgarmin will miss Alex... :)