Friday, 11 January 2013

FITS Socks

Back in December, I was given a pair each of FITS trail socks and road socks. I am notorious for misplacing / losing my normal run socks, so I was very happy to have some replacements brought in. I was even happier when I laced up my road runners: no blisters, no chafing, and my feet were as warm as is possible while living in Vancouver during a very bleak December. The trail socks kept my feet warm during snowy BCMC trail hikes and snow shoe and cross-country skiing adventures.

A month later...I still have the socks. And Barry and I have a sponsor! We are going to be members of the FITS trail running team. This means that we get to do more of the stuff we love (and the stuff that stresses out my parents / coach John): travelling to the USA to do ultra trail races. This support means that we get to have a lot of adventures, likely incur some new scrapes / bruises, and explore new mountains and trails.

Our first trip is to the Chuckanut 50k race in Bellingham this March. In this trip, Barry will work to balance his beer consumption with minimal ankle rolling. I will try to race as well as possible, in order to impress my underage ultrarunning crush, Dakota Jones (and avoid any serious injuries). Training for this race will include all my favourite things: snow, running on snow, trying to route-find in snow, rain, running in rain, running on wet rocks...and mainlining coffee and carbs post-run, all while planning to do it all over again. It should be a great time, and we really appreciate the support!

The Vancouver FITS team after doing the North Face 50 mile race, with typical recovery beverages

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